Peach Butter

I am of the belief that if we eat food in their natural state we would be much better off.  So that potato is OK as long as you are not deep fat frying it or slathering it with butter.  Both of which do taste wonderful, but that potato can taste pretty good all by itself.  That being said my goal is to eat food the way God made it and try to avoid any kind of processed food.  Once I learn to cook this way and get some new family favorites I am sure my taste buds will be happy.  It’s just hard to break bad habits.  And like most of us I like the convenance of opening a box or can and having dinner.  So all that being said here is my recipe today.  I found it at The Prairie Homestead.  I would choose honey as a sweetener and freeze the extra.

How to Make Homemade Peach Butter

You will Need:

  • Fresh, ripe peaches (roughly one pound of peaches per pint… roughly…)
  • Sweetener, to taste (optional– I used a bit of sucanat (aka unrefined cane sugar) see notes below)
  • That’s it! (Really!)
  • For processing information go to The Prairie Homestead

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